The “EV SMART CHARGER” App allows for full remote control, from anywhere. With our”EV SMART CHARGER” APP, you can remotely set your charger or chargers to only provid power during off-peak hours, allowing for charging at a much lower energy tariff, saving you money. You c...
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  • NASA Cooling Method Could Allow Super-Quick EV Charging

    Electric car charging is getting quicker due to new technologies, and it may be just the beginning. Many advanced technologies developed by NASA for missions in space have found applications here on Earth. The latest of these may be a new temperature-control technique, which could enable EVs t...
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  • BYD EV CHARGING TEST – HENGYI EV Charger Wallbox Plug And Play

    Along with our standard products, we also provide ODM & OEM upon request to help our customers build their own local brands. if you want to customizable LOGO, color, function and etc. contact us right now
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  • Expect More EV Charging Stations as States Tap into Federal Dollars

    Bob Palrud of Spokane, Wash., speaks with a fellow electric vehicle owner who is charging up at a station along Interstate 90 in September in Billings, Mont. States are planning to use federal dollars to put more EV charging stations along highways to alleviate drivers’ worries about not having...
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  • Why do we need smart charging?

    Why do we need smart charging?

    Smart charging: a brief introduction If you’re looking for a charging station in the market to power your electric vehicle, you’ll notice that there are two main types of chargers that are available: dumb and intelligent EV chargers. Dumb EV chargers are our standard cables ...
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  • China EV August- BYD Takes Top Spot, Tesla Falls Out of Top 3 ?

    China EV August- BYD Takes Top Spot, Tesla Falls Out of Top 3 ?

    New energy passenger vehicles still maintained an upward growth trend in China, with sales of 530,000 units in August, up 111.4 % year-on-year and 9 % month-on-month. So what are the top 10 car companies?  EV CHARGER, EV CHARGING STATIONS   Top 1: BYD -Sales Volume 168,885 Units ...
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  • Do EV chargers have to be smart?

    Electrical vehicles, also commonly known as smart cars, have been the talk of the town for quite a while now, owing to their convenience, sustainability, and technologically advanced nature. EV chargers are the devices used to keep the battery of an electric vehicle full so that it can run effect...
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  • What are the Different Levels of Electric Vehicle Charging?

    An electric vehicle, abbreviated as EV, is an advanced vehicle form that works on an electric motor and uses electricity to operate. EV came to existence back in mid 19th century, when the world moved toward easier and more convenient ways of driving vehicles. With the increase in interest and de...
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  • How much coal is burned to charge an electric car?

    u’ve probably heard the term ‘electric car charger‘ thrown around a lot whenever you’re discussing sustainability or environmentally friendly options of transportation with your friends. But if you’re unaware of what exactly it entails, we’re here to break it d...
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  • New U.S. Bill Limits Subsidies, Automakers Say Jeopardizes 2030 EV Adoption Goal

    New U.S. Bill Limits Subsidies, Automakers Say Jeopardizes 2030 EV Adoption Goal

    According to foreign media reports, an industry group representing General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and other major automakers said the $430 billion “Reducing Inflation Act” passed by the U.S. Senate on Sunday will jeopardize the 2030 U.S. electric vehicle adoption goal.   John Bozz...
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  • How to choose EV Charger wallbox for home use?

    How to choose EV Charger wallbox for home use?

      1. Level Up Your EV Charger The first thing we need to establish here is that not all electricity is created equal. While the 120VAC that comes out of your household outlets is perfectly capable of charging your electric car, the process is largely impractical. Referred to as Level 1 charg...
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  • EV market grows 30% despite cuts to grants

        Electric vehicles registrations increased 30% in November 2018 compared with last year, despite changes in the Plug-in Car Grant – which came into force mid-October 2018 – reducing funding for pure-EVs by £1,000, and removing support for available PHEVs altogethe...
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