TYPE2 7kw+7kw Ac Ev Charger Ocpp Charging Stations Electric Car Charger dual gun socket

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Dual gun AC EV charger with 14KW output, OCPP1.6 support, Type 2 charging socket, 4G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and a 5-inch touch screen. Perfect for 7KW+7KW charging, designed for electric car charging stations.

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This dual gun AC EV charger offers a total output of 14KW, making it a powerful choice for electric car charging stations. With OCPP1.6 support, it ensures compatibility with a variety of electric vehicles. Equipped with a Type 2 charging socket, this charger is a versatile option for EV owners.

The charger also comes with 4G, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing remote monitoring and control capabilities, which is especially valuable for charging station operators. The 5-inch touch screen adds user-friendly functionality, offering real-time charging data and easy operation.

With dual 7KW charging capabilities, this charger is perfect for quickly and efficiently charging electric vehicles. Whether you’re an electric car charging station operator or an EV owner looking for reliable and high-speed charging, this dual gun AC EV charger is a suitable choice.

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