11kw+11kw AC TYPE2 socket ev charger chinese supplier dual guns EVSE electric car charging

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22KW AC EV charger with OCPP1.6 support, Type 2 charging socket, 4G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and a 5-inch touch screen. Dual 11KW+11KW charging power from a Chinese supplier, designed for electric car charging.

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This 22KW AC EV charger is a robust and powerful solution for electric car charging, featuring OCPP1.6 support for seamless compatibility with various electric vehicles. Equipped with a Type 2 charging socket, it offers versatility for EV owners.

The charger comes with 4G, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring and control, making it a valuable asset for both charging station operators and electric car owners. The 5-inch touch screen enhances user interaction by providing real-time charging data and intuitive operation.

With dual 11KW+11KW charging power, this charger delivers efficient and rapid electric vehicle charging. It is provided by a reputable Chinese supplier, ensuring reliability and quality. Whether you need to set up a charging station or are an electric vehicle owner seeking fast and dependable charging, this dual gun AC EV charger is a compelling choice.

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