Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Guidelines

The age of technology influences everything. With time, the world is evolving and developing to its latest form. We’ve seen the impact of evolution on many things. Among them, the vehicle line has faced significant transformation. Nowadays, we are switching from fossils and fuels to a new efficient method of electric charging.

Electric vehicles are the talk of the town. They have popularity due to low running costs, less maintenance, no fuel, and are very environmentally friendly. The EV utilizes an acid or nickel-based battery and a lithium-ion battery for charging. The lithium-ion batteries have a more extended use time and are very efficient at retaining energy. Therefore, most users prefer them.

We require an EV charging station for the recharging of an electric vehicle. An EV can be connected to the Hengyi EV charging equipment and can be recharged quickly.

Things to Consider Before Installing EV Charging Stations

Installing an EV charging station should be dealt with caution and with utmost safety. Here are the prime things that are crucial to consider while installing an EV charging station.

1. The Location of Installation

You might be unaware of the importance of an ideal location in installing an EV charging station. It requires a GPRS connection to manage everything swiftly. The site of the EV charging station should be accessible to everyone. Moreover, the location should be obstacle-free to make EV charging feasible and effortless for the users.

One of the most critical factors for an EV charging station is that it should have a sufficient electric power supply. There shouldn’t be a shortage of electric power in that area, as the EV will require it for the recharge.

2. A Suitable Length of Cables

Cables are the connectors used to connect the electric vehicle to an EV charging station. For an ideal and effortless recharge, the cable must be at least 5 meters long. This length is sufficient for any charging station and will make it feasible to recharge the electric vehicle quickly, as there won’t be a need to park the car too close or too far from the station.

3. Extension

As electric vehicles are gaining popularity, We can predict that they will replace fueled cars. So, you might have a chance to make more money on your EV charging station as more audience will replace their transport with an electric vehicle. To stay where the grass is greener, you should note where you’re installing your EV charging station, as you might need to install more devices to it.

A Complete Guide to Installing EV Charging Stations

These days, most of the audience is switching their fueled cars with popular electric cars like Tesla and more. There are public EV charging stations available for EV users to recharge their electric vehicles on their way. However, installing an EV charging station at your home would be the perfect choice when it comes to making things personalized.

Here is a complete guideline you can follow to establish your EV charging station.

1. Purchase an EV charger

An EV charger has three different levels. An average charging level consumes 120 volts and has a speed of 4-5 miles per hour. The second level consumes the double amount of an average charger, and the charging speed specifications are up to 80 miles per hour. The last type requires a boast of 900 volts and has a super speed to charge up to 20 miles per minute.

Therefore, if you want to install an EV charger at your residence, then go for the first level. It won’t require much power and will have a suitable speed to charge your own vehicle. The first-level EV charger is available for $600, which is affordable for you. So, for choosing a brand that provides you with the best EV chargers, you should go for Hengyi group. From tons of positive reviews from satisfied customers, we can say that they are the best EV charger manufacturer. Their products rank pretty high not only in China but globally too.

2. Choose an Installer for Your Charging Station

You must keep safety as the prime requirement during installation. The installation of an EV charging station requires skills and expertise. You cannot just let any novice handle this critical installation as it is very complex. Let a professional handle it with care and passion so that you can have a faultless installation of an EV charging station at your place.

3. Choose a Suitable Installation Date

After purchasing your prevalent EV charging station from Hengyi, you can pick an installation date that is suitable for your working schedule. The EV charger manufacturer will deliver their product on time and will initiate the installation whenever you command them to.

Once your product is delivered, the installation begins. The Hengyi company workers are very skilled and professional. Installing your EV charging station will be an easy job for them. You’ll notice how swiftly and efficiently they install the EV charger at your place in no time flawlessly.

4. Get Aware of The Features of the EV Charging Station

The EV charger manufacturers try their best to create a charger whose features and functionalities are unmatched. After purchasing an EV charger, you have to understand all its features. For example, what are the modes for connection, where to check the power supply status, and more?

Once you get the grip of the features, then there is no stopping. You’ll be able to utilize this EV charging station to its maximum peak.


As electric vehicles have gained popularity, it becomes crucial to create more supply infrastructures in the area. Hengyi EV chargers and supplies are very efficient and provide great use at a meagre cost. You can follow these straightforward steps to install an EV charger at your place. This way, your installation will be a trouble-free process.

Moreover, if you’re looking for prevalent EV chargers, you can order them from the Hengyi ev charger‘s website. They have high-functioning chargers and supplies like EV charging cables and more. The best thing about the company is that they offer high-quality products at an affordable cost. You can trust their services as they rank pretty high in both China and worldwide.

Post time: Jul-18-2022