HENGYI wallbox 7kw type 1 J1772 Cable 32A 7KW EV Charger Type1 RFID Card Charging Station for Electric Car with APP control

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Dark Horse AC electric car charger 7KW is in an elegant design. It follows SAE J1772, 7KW, 240V, 32A, 3 functions optional such as plug and plays/ RFID card authorization/APP make it very suitable for home charging. High performance charging control board of our best 7KW EV charger is compatible with all styles of electric vehicle charging. Leakage protection , Upgrade to Type A 30mA AC (single phase)  and IP65 waterproof and UV protection ABS casing ensure trustability and safety. It provides customers with quality, security and a friendly charging experience.

  • Input voltage: 240V
  • Frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Power rating: 7KW
  • Measurement accuracy: OBM 1.0
  • Output voltage: AC240V±20%
  • Output current: 32A
  • Standby power: 5W
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    The APP& RFID Function EV Charger 32A SAE J1772 240V,casing colours available in black and white, customised casing colours and charging string lengths available for larger orders. Compatible with SAE J1772 , Designed with safety in mind, there are protection mechanisms forover-current,over-voltage andover-temperature problems, with a aggregate of 8 safety measures to cover the device and the auto during charging. The casing is made of ABS PC injection moulding and has a fire standing of UL94V_0. The factors of the main board are handed in well- known manufacturers, with dependable quality. The main control MCU is characterised by low power consumption, high performance and high integration. The operating temperature covers-40 °C-85 °C, which can meet the harsh working terrain.The EV charging string is made of high chastity bobby with excellent electrical conductivity, slow heating of the captain during high current charging and long operating time. The external cover is made of high quality cable, which is resistant to erosion and low temperatures, so that the charging string won’t harden due to low temperatures and help the device from working duly. Easy to install, it’s recommended to use hard wiring for the input power string. The installation height of the charging device is about1.5 M from the ground. a hook is included to store the ev charging string.



    App-based control and monitoring of charging sessions

    Real-time charging data and analytics

    User authentication and access control

    Integration with third-party platforms (e.g. smart home devices, fleet management systems)

    Customizable branding and startup screen(MOQ 100)

    Customizable RFID Card design(MOQ 1000)



    Multiple Protections Ensure Safe Use – Safety always comes first. Our EV car charger has built-in protections against Lightning, Current-leakage, Overcurrent, Over-heat, Under-voltage, and Over-voltage, as indicated by the LED varied flashing frequency. It will automatically power off if any abnormal situation happens in case of any damage to your car.

    Flame retardant material – Anti-combustion, using flame-retardant materials to prevent accidents

    HIGH QUALITY – CE certified, which makes the service life longer, the internal smart chip protects your car and circuit you can use it with confidence.

    UNIVERSAL – The charger is SAE J1772 compliant and capable of charging hybrid/plug-in electric vehicles.

    Weatherproof for Outdoor or Indoor Use – Waterproof grade IP65.Place and move your portable charger anywhere around your home both inside and out

    Safe & Secure – Our chargers have over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, leakage protection, overheating protection.

    Professional customer service – HENGYI’s customer service team provides technical support and a 12-month warranty. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us and we will solve it for you!

    4.3inch LCD – The screen shows you the charging status, and if there is a charging failure, it will let you know the corresponding problem through the screen and indicator lights.

    Smart APP Control-Use EV Smart Charger APP to control your charger and manage charge times, schedule charging while you’re away, and optimize your charging to take advantage of off peak electricity. Bluetooth enabled, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Ethernet access make sure your automatic over the air (OTA) remote firmware updates keep you connected at the times you need.

    RFID Cards*2- Carry it with you: RFID cards are very lightweight and can easily fit into wallets and pockets. Faster and easier to start charging.



    Structure Appearance


    350(H) × 240(W) × 95(D)mm

    User Interface

    4.3 inch display with Indicator light

    Installation method

    Wall-mounted Type/Floor-standing Type Installation

    Wiring method

    Bottom enter&out

    Cable length

    5M(16.4FT) standard,7.5m / 10m or other size customizable


    8.0kg (Including charging gun)

    Electrical Specification

    Input voltage




    Power rating


    Measurement accuracy

    OBM 1.0

    Output voltage


    Output current


    Standby power



    Indicator light





    Design standard

    SAE J1772


    Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, ground protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection, type A 30mA leakage protection

    Operating Environment

    Working temperature


    Working Humidity

    5%-95% no condensation

    Working altitude


    IP grade


    Cooling mode

    Natural cooling

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